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Plein Air Carolina is a organization of amateur and professional
painters located in the Piedmont of North Carolina.   Plein Air is literally
painting in the open air. Membership is open to all interested
Artists have the opportunity to
paint in a variety of locations, the security of
working together and enjoy the companionship of
fellow painters. It is an opportunity for all  members to grow
professionally. Home based in Salisbury, we have a treasure trove of
exciting painting venues.
There are no officers, regular meetings or
Friday is the designated painting day but on occasions, another day may
be designated. Artists need not be “Plein Air” artists, or have plein air
experience to be members.

Plein Air Carolina
To become a member, simply give your email address to:
Emails are sent to artists detailing
the location and time of the weekly paint out.

Plein Air Carolina is sponsored by the Waterworks Visual
Arts Center.
OOctoberTour Art

OctoberTour is a very special weekend for artists, too. Beginning in 2010,
Plein Air Carolina has been hosting an annual Oil Painters of America plein
air “paint out” for artists throughout the region held in conjunction with
OctoberTour. Artist arrive on opening day, receive information about the
sites on the Tour, and spread out to paint the sites of their choosing. At the
end of the first day, artists meet in an assigned place, usually the historic Dr.
Josephus Hall House, where they display their “wet” paintings, hope for
sales and enjoy a few treats.
Over the eight years, quite a few paintings of historic sites in Salisbury have
been completed! Many have been sitting idle in the artist’s studio….until
now. Plein air painters are about to unleash their treasures in a special Show
at Railwalk Studios and Gallery.
The Opening for this special showing is to be held on October 5, 2018, from
5:30 to 7:30 at Railwalk Gallery at 409 North Lee Street. The Show will be
open to the public from October 4 till October 27. OctoberTour Art will be
on display and many will be for sale.
Paint Outs have become very popular in recent years, rivalling 5K’s and Golf
Tournaments. Artists continually seek interesting landscapes, new territories
and exciting subject material. This year’s OctoberTour adds a whole new
plethora of enticing inspiration with the NC Transportation Museum AND
the Salisbury Depot. Add to that the many new homes in Spencer that will
be on this year’s tour and artists will have hard choices to make. Together
with the sponsorship of the Historic Salisbury Foundation, the Oil Painters
of America and Sharon Forthofer of Railwalk Studios, plein air painters in
our region should enjoy a great weekend. Be sure to look for the painters as
they capture the activity on Saturday, October 15.
Plein Air Carolina is an organization of amateur and professional painters
located in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Plein Air is literally painting in the
open air and leaving the four walls of your studio behind, experiencing
painting and drawing in the landscape, painting what you see in front of you
rather than what is in a photograph. This can be very challenging
considering the changing shadows, weather, people entering and leaving the
scene, bugs biting, interruptions, etc. The practice goes back to the French
Impressionists. They were challenged to capture the light and its constant
change. The creation of transportable paint tubes and easels allowed artists
the freedom to travel away from the studio to paint.  “En plein air,”  is the
French expression for “in the open air.”
Interested artists can get information on the Oil Painters of America website
under events, paint outs, Salisbury, NC.