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I have been an artist my entire life.  My first
recollection of creating art was when I was
preschool age…. laying on the floor in front
of the open front door drawing with crayons
on newspaper  ( I preferred the classified
sections because they had no other pictures
or large print on them to get in the way).  I
had no idea that this was the beginning of who
I was becoming.  Yes, I have a degree in art
from the University of North Florida in
Jacksonville.  I have worked as a graphic
designer at times and as the years pass and
family finds their own life to live, I have found
more time to devote to my passion of creating

I worked in watercolor and pen and ink in the
early years but I have focused on
photography and oil painting in the last three
years.  I love landscapes.  Atmospheric
conditions, light and unusual subject matter
have all inspired my work as of late.  I work
in ‘plein air’ once a week, weather permitting,
and in the studio based on ‘plein air’ studies
and photographs.