I am a retired lawyer living in North Carolina, (where I
grew up) with my husband, Jim, and our 2 male
malteses, Bogey and Maximus.

Seven years ago when I  retired from practicing law, I
began painting. I have studied under many accomplished
artists and recognized masters, such as Sherrie
McGraw, Scott Christensen, Bob Rohm, Jo Anna
Arnett, Joshua Fallick, to name a few.

While many artists enjoy painting one or two genre, I
love it all- landscapes, still life and portraits.

All of my paintings are from life- not photos, unless it is
a subject which will not remain stationary. I may use a
photo to help me remember the painting vista and to
finish the painting in my studio, but at that point, I am
intimately familiar with the subject matter of my painting.

I strive to make my works more loose (impressionistic,
as the term is loosely used) because I believe art is at
it's best when the viewer makes it his/her own, like
poetry, by imagining what the artist purposely leaves
out. Too much detail in a painting is boring to me. And
believe it or not, leaving out unnnecessary details is a
lot more challenging than doing a rendering - copying.

Having the opportunity to pursue my passion is a
Blessing and I thank God each day for the beauty of this
Earth and for allowing me to savor and share it.