Waterworks Visual Arts Center
Rachel Lee Art
Rachel Lee is a North Carolina native,
painting at Wild Hare Studio, on her
farm in rural Rowan Co. Her original
art, both representational and
conceptual, is displayed in corporate
and private collections in Ireland,
England, Canada, Australia and the
USA. As a plein air and studio painter
Rachel’s subjects encompass
landscapes, the figure, nature, and
animals, with her own unique
perspective as her trademark.
 “Oil paint is the medium I enjoy
working with most of all. The buttery
feel of the paint, the canvas fabric, the
vivid colors, and even the smell of the
medium urges me to create. I have had
brief affairs with many other mediums
but I am married to oils! Every one of
my paintings have a story and they are
created to be more than just a pretty
Rachel was born to a family who
recognized her artistic talents early on
and she has trained with many inspiring
teachers. Even so, Rachel has come to
recognize the natural world as her best
teacher. She is aware of the value of
working on location, and from life itself,
which has enriched her fine art craft.
“I always enjoy the challenge of
different subjects and locations. As an
artist I feel I am free to choose how and
what will express my interpretation of
the subject and tell it’s story. To create
art in any other way is boring and
restrictive to my artistic spirit. I
continually seek to create art which will
nourish, heal and bless my own soul, as
well as that of the viewer.”